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“Blue Blaze is THE BEST contractor I have ever worked with. They are amazing. I wish I found them several years ago. It would have made my life and business much easier. They are super responsive, meet deadlines, and provide top-notch work. Their designs are incredible. They nail the project on their first try. I highly recommend them.”

Jonathan Passley(CEO/President, PDR Web Solutions)

- Jonathan Passley
CEO/President, PDR Web Solutions

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About Blue Blaze Media

We are a New York area digital marketing agency obsessed with conversion-centered design. Nothing gets us more excited than scouring our heatmaps and reviewing user behavior, or watching our landing page conversion rates climb.

Headed by both a seasoned marketer and designer and an analytics and development champion, we have a proven track record of creating pages that are designed well and generate high conversions. (Translation: We’ll help you earn more green!!)

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Mark Chapman(President, Everett Andrew Marketing)

“Blue Blaze was a pleasure to work with, completed the project early and did an excellent job!”

Mark Chapman
President, Everett Andrew Marketing

There’s a Science To It

Our landing pages are designed following conversion centered design principles. This means that the copy, content and layout are all thoughtfully put together to convince your visitors to take an action.

Why Landing Pages? Can’t I
Just Send Traffic
to our Website?

Landing pages can be one of your most effective tools in your campaign kit. Unlike websites that features a multitude of links and conversion goals, a landing page has one goal - to generate leads or to drive purchases. This means that the content, the imagery, and the call-to-action all point to generating your desired result without distractions or detours.







Analyze and Conceptualize

We’ll look at your existing analytics, your website performance, and your campaign goals to see where there’s opportunity, and where you are losing customers. From there, we’ll devise a landing page that fits in with your campaign goals and messaging.

Build Out Landing Page

Using Unbounce, our favorite landing page hosting service, we’ll build out and configure the concept into a fully functioning live page.

Go Live!!

Your campaign goes live and we sit back and watch, all while tracking campaign performance.

Review, Hypothesize, Test

Once we hit a large enough sample size, we’ll revisit the page and analyze performance based off metrics and design theory. From there we’ll come up with ideas for improvement that we will A/B test to keep pushing for even higher conversion rates.

Set Up Tools and Integrations

We’ll get you started with tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and your choice marketing tools, setting up the necessary tracking and custom reports to paint a clearer picture of how your marketing efforts work together.

Create Copy and Design

With the information and resources gathered, we’ll design a landing page that tackles the needs of your target visitor and the goals of the campaign.

Here’s Our Process

Is Your Paid Traffic Bouncing Away?

You know the value of paid traffic, and have invested in several campaigns. You’ve targeted your markets, fleshed out your keywords, and are getting plenty of visitors who just don’t convert.

You Need a Conversion


We partner with marketing departments and agencies to improve their campaign effectiveness. Together, we’ll make sure that your or your clients’ campaigns are performing up to standards, and that your cost per conversion decreases.

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Why Landing Pages? Can’t I Just Send Traffic to our Website?